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1. Provision Of Free Education To Poor And Talented Students Of FATA In Centers Of Excellence.

FATA Education Foundation is steering the project of providing free education to the poor and talented students of FATA. Two batches comprising 100 students each were enrolled in Class-7th in 12 institutions (Centers of Excellence). The Entry Test for the third batch comprising 100 students is conducted by Evaluation & Testing Authority (ETEA) on dated 8-3-2009.


2. Award Of Scholarships.

50 scholarships of Rs.6000/- each have been awarded to poor and deserving students of FATA studying in Islamia College Peshawar. An ambitious proposal for enhancing the scope of the scholarship scheme is being presented to the Board of Directors (Int) for consideration.


3. Joint Ventures.

An amount of Rs.13.00 (M) has been provisioned by the FATA Secretariat to cater for Joint Venture initiatives of the Foundation for sponsoring and strengthening Private Sector educational institutions in FATA. The envisaged program encompass sponsoring of Private Sector educational institutions involved education in FATA, is to be presented to the BOD (Int) for consideration.



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